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In 1968 Mr. Ram Nath Parsheera trekked on high mountains of KUGTI PASS which was under snow that time and reached to a small village of Gaddis after few days, crossing hurdles and amazingly beautiful meadows simultaneously. This was his second high altitude trekking after his forefathers’ strenuous long walks on trade routes to Tibet & Yarkand from Lahoul. The stories of these routes and mountains were quite usual at home and later these motivated the next generation to study tourism and establish an organized system of guiding global travelers in Himalayan Mountains with an urge for its cultural heritage, biodiversity and sustainable development- this system was named Adventure India and the year was 1996.

In 1997, the team started exploring not only Western Himalayas, almost on foot but cycling on the line of Ganges for several hundred miles and motor biking on Indian coastal lines covering several states from Goa to Madras. Riding camels and started establishing camps in Thar Deserts.

In 1998
, we focused on a concept “combining adventure with luxury”. We introduced room size tents during jeep safaris with attached toilets fitted with hot water shower and western commodes which we have designed of iron. We have discovered use of several herbs during mountaineering/ climbing expeditions in meals to keep the energy level high and body warm.

In 1999, we focused at Sarchu- and opened first luxury resort “Camp Sarchu Heights” which further was included in the website of lonely planet too. Today Sarchu has become a destination. We are proud that we are the pioneers in introducing luxury there too.

From 1999-2009, several trekking routes were explored by our core team and guides along with our global clients and Mount

Satopant, Bhagirathi III, Mount Mahindra, Mount Nanda Devi, Stok Kangri, Mt. Kanchenjunga
and several other peaks were climbed during these years.

In 2009, we ventured into Tourism Education and presently we support two institutes of Tourism & Hospitality in Manali & Dharamsala.

In 2010, we have joined hands with a community project called Rohtang Initiative- www.rohtang.org to work for biodiversity and environment.

Our core team (Mr. Ram Nath, GINI, DHEERAJ, TSERING, SUSHEEL, JAGDISH, GIAN, HARISH, Tanuja) and our several mountain guides deserve all credit for what Adventure India today is.

Thanks to the global travelers, our partners and God for trust and blessings.


Team Adventure India