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All of our trips display a cost per person. The cost has been calculated with the combination of several standards of facilities and services to make the package comfortable and a fun filled learning experience of different areas of life in Himalaya.

For example, if someone is taking an overland journey from Manali to Leh, then we have tried to put more emphasis on the quality of services he should get on the way where he crosses 4 major passes including the second highest road of the world. We offer him a hot bowl of soup instantly prepared at all mountain tops, it surely includes a specific cost.

Similarly for the mountain biking trips, we focus on the lunch part and the refreshments which bikers are getting during the biking hours. Once they reach Leh, after biking more than a week from Manali, we wish they stay in best hotels.

But we offer you an opportunity to go against our concept and decide what you need during any kind of trip you select. Your selection may demand better hospitality or may ask us to reduce the standards wherever you wish.

We wish you must get a price that suits to your budget, so just fill up this form and we will get back to you possibly with a price you demanded.

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