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Great Himalayan Traverse

108 days continuous trekking in Indian Himalaya starting from Leh in Ladakh and moving through Zanskar valley and reaching to Lahoul and then to Kullu Valley with beautiful night at the “moons’ lake” to continue walking towards the forbidden land of Spiti through the corridors of its age old monasteries and then exploring “Kinner Kailash” and reaching to the last village on the Indo Tibetan borders, which doesn’t allow you to enter into China but opens the doors of Garwhal Himalayan mountains where you trek on finest landscapes beneath mountain peaks of Bhagirathi and Shivling and move later to the Nanda Devi region from where you discontinue trekking to restart in the Kanchenjunga trails.

Thousands of kilometers are being trekked on this “life time expedition” and with the concept an effort is also made to strengthen the economy of Himalayan states in India by going more close to its people living in the remote Himalayan Mountains from centuries with their selfless & independent identity, culture, monasteries and sages. These are the mountains where people spend years in search of YETI and Shangri La, these are the places where Yoga and Ayurveda took birth and countless MANTRAS were invented for the wellbeing of human life and enlightening the human mind.

108 (number) has a great significance in theEastern religions and traditions and it is also noticed as important number in Yoga and Ayurveda too. For the Buddhist, like Hindus, the importance of 108 is very high. Similar is the case with some Chinese philosophy, Japanese system of Zen. Considering its relevance with the mountains of Himalaya and people living here, the expedition has been scheduled for 108 days for the peace and happiness of everyone.

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Detailed program of this expedition is only available on request.