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Mountaineering formalities

Mountaineering formalities for climbing expeditions in India

India offers the finest experience of mountaineering where the peaks are spread basically in four regions of the country following the Himalayan line starting from Ladakh to Himachal and further to Uttrakhand in one area and Sikkim the other area.

Indian Mountaineering Foundation is the apex body of controlling all climbing in the country, whereas states like Sikkim and Uttrakhand do have their own additional requirements too concerning basically the environment issues and preservation.

The procedure with IMF for peak booking:

All expeditions to be planned in India need to be communicated to IMF directly by the climbing team or through its Indian agency providing the ground services and assistance in logistics.

has to be duly filled up along with a declaration of insurance of the porters, cooks, workers at BC, headman and mountain guide, garbage management, helicopter rescue if required and consent to pay 500 $ for the equipment of LO


Write at info@adventureindiagroup.com for both applications.

Processing of Application

It will facilitate processing, if application along with required documents is sent to the IMF, at least three months before the proposed date of arrival of the expedition to India.

IMF books the peaks (after finding all requisite information duly furnished) and once the fees are deposited.

If the expedition is to be organized in Sikkim or Uttrakhand, the climbers are required to fulfill formalities of these states too. Download the information about Sikkim and Uttrakhand formalities here.

IMF Peak royalties (fees)

The following peak royalties are charged for a group of 12 persons. An extra US$400 is charged for an addition of another 3 persons and the maximum admissible group strength is 15 excluding the liaison officer provided by IMF.

Peaks up to 6500M and below: US$500
Peaks between 6501-7000M: US$2000
Peaks above 7001M: US$3000
Peaks in Restricted areas: US$4000

Other expenses:
US$400 will be charged as environmental levy for each expedition
US$500 will be charged for the Liaison Officers equipment

Daily Wages of Porters and loads to be carried

Expeditions will engage porters and HAP through the district administration or the government approved Tour Operators. Loads to be carried by porters’ up to about 10 Kms per day (may be more or less depending on height/degree of difficulty) and other conditions would be as follows:

1. Load to be carried:

  • Up to 5000 M - 25 Kg

  • Between 5001 to 6000 M - 20 Kg

  • Between 6001 to 7000 M - 15 Kg

  • Above 7000 M - 12 Kg

2. Full wages will be paid to porters if expedition decides to have a rest day.

3. 50% of total wages will be paid to porters in advance and 50% on completion of task.

4. High altitude ration/clothing for porters will be the liability of the expedition team in direct negotiation with concerned tour operator/agency.

List of open peaks in India:

Click here to get the information of list of open peaks in India

Adventure India services during climbing expeditions

  • Cargo management- taking care of all expedition goods/ equipment reaching India from foreign countries and transporting these to the base camp
  • Liaison between expedition team and Indian Mountaineering Foundation, assistance in peak booking, rescue, communication system, state governments of Uttrakhand and Sikkim etc.
  • Transportation with assistance to the expedition team on arrival at Indian airports, sightseeing and transport towards the base camp (last road head)
  • Hotel accommodation in Delhi, transport and assistance for briefing/ debriefing
  • Hotel accommodation till base camp and on the way back to expedition team
  • Trekking guides and climbing guides
  • Porters/ ponies/ kitchen staff/ cooks/ helpers/ HAP/ LAP/ workers/ headman etc. along with food
  • Trekking and base camp food for the expedition members and staff
  • Gas (butane propane), fuel, K oil and all other requirements
  • Load ferry and porters used in establishing ABC
  • Local support
  • Indian Instructors (on demand)
  • Tents and Mattresses till BC and ahead also
  • All meals in Delhi, enroute and at the camps.
  • Fixed Rope and Ladders (at some places)
  • A medical team with Hyperbaric chamber (Gammow Bag) and Oxygen cylinders at base camp. (on additional cost)
  • Wireless contact with the closest Army / Paramilitary base (on additional cost)
  • Tie up for Air Evacuation (on additional cost)
  • Insurance of the staff and crew as per the government rules

Facilities we don't provide:
Any personal gear like sleeping bags, harnesses, carabiners, jumars, crampons, pitons, ice axes and high altitude gear, International travel, accident and evacuation Insurance.