Reconnaissance Trips and Familiarization Tours in Himalayas

There are several areas still unexplored, there are several projects still untouched so we have a separate wing to deal with Reconnaissance and Research.Reconnaissance trips involve direct inspection of the area being considered by mixed teams of local people and technical experts. They are used to familiarize with the physical environment and key issues at the start of many adventure and academic processes and to review progress at intervals.

The areas of Reconnaissance (Himalaya)
Planning expeditions and getting first hand information
Volunteer tourism and collecting information suitable to launch projects for the development
Geographical research to understand mountains, climate, glaciers etc.
Academic research to study the mountains, its people and culture for the special goals to achieve
Planning future trips including less explored regions of Himalayan Mountains in sustainable way

The methodology :
We follow the traditional concept of undertaking a mission to obtain, by visual observation or other detection methods, information about the activities and resources at the targeted place, or to secure data concerning different geographic characteristics of a particular area.

Our services
Research fellows/ assistants
Local guides and ground support system
Communication system and licenses
Tools and equipment for data collection
Data analysis and interpretation
Camps, porters, ponies, kitchen, food, cooks etc.
Medical escorts in few regions
Transportation and hotels
Briefing/ de briefing, seminars and publicity

If you have something different to explore, let’s join hands and achieve it!
Write at info@adventureindiagroup.com
For the general familiarization trips also, we are open to discuss.