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Responsible Adventure

We practice Responsible Adventure understanding that Responsible Tourism is to-

    • Minimizes negative economic, environmental, and social impacts;

    • Generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities, improves working conditions and access to the industry;

    • Involves local people in decisions that affect their lives and life chances;

    • Makes positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, to the maintenance of the world's diversity;

    • Provides more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues;

    • Provides access for physically challenged people; and

    • Responsible tourism is culturally sensitive, engenders respect between tourists and hosts, and builds local pride and confidence

We work in the mountains with complete commitment to the above concept of responsible tourism and have developed following system to achieve the responsible adventure goals-

    • We check environmental impacts during all our trips

    • We involve local crew, guides, porters and all other ground level service providers

    • We don’t use wood for cooking or any other purpose

    • We educate the locals in tourism and hospitality

    • We participate and donate for the project- Rohtang Initiative- www.rohtanginitiative.in

    • Our staff is trained and we regularly arrange capacity building programs for them

    • The clients are also requested to follow our environment charter and basics of responsible trekking. We send them the study material of the area they will be visiting and teach few local words of greetings.

    • We work to gain more carbon credits through we pack our crew and the way our clients do travel.

    • A handbook of local culture is supplied to the clients to follow and to be careful in remote areas about the dress code so the traditional cultures cant be influenced or disrespected.

    • No to plastic bottles and other things of plastics.

    • Our groups/ crew carry the garbage back from the mountains while climbing and trekking.

    • We encourage our clients to buy local products to encourage the locals for traditional handicraft and handloom production.

We declare, travelling with us means benefiting locals and encouraging them to work for preserving biodiversity by understanding tourism.

Our efforts to create awareness for responsible adventure: