Rohtang Initiative- a GAP YEAR perspective for Volunteer Tourism

We invite volunteers, GAP Year travelers and donors to the Himalaya.

Rohtang Initiative is a capacity building program to make people aware and responsible for the biodiversity issues through tourism education. This program is taken as a celebration by the people of Kullu and Lahoul with enormous gratitude to towering Rohtang La which from centuries has a great cultural & religious importance to both the communities.

This initiative provides a unique opportunity to raise public awareness for the importance of biodiversity to tourism and the role of sustainable tourism in the conservation of life on Earth.

This could be the first of its kind in the world where local participation in such a big number will mark sincere efforts to understand the relation and importance of biodiversity in tourism so a sustainable development with community participation can be presented as a model for rest of the world.

Rohtang Initiative will work on 4 phases where the first phase will cover an area of 72 Kms towards Kullu valley and include 25 villages including Manali town and ensure active participation of about 5000 local people and tourism stakeholders.

The model of initiative
is focused to create mass awareness among people living in the basin of Rohtang Pass through tourism & biodiversity education and to link their volunteer and commercial efforts to sustainable development, conservation of environment, and protection of flora, fauna and culture. The initiative further will work on eco friendly infrastructure building with community investments both in terms of money and skills, employment generation, highlighting village based tourism, promoting village based souvenir industry and to take economic benefits of tourism to maximum people of the destination area.

Donations: We seek your donations for this initiative and expertise also to help us conducting several programs.

Write Us : info@rohtanginitiative.in