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Why With Us

We understand that in today’s cyber world, just at one mouse click, hundreds of adventure companies do appear. In such time, it is our moral responsibility to answer the question that Why with Adventure India?

  • We work for our clients
  • We work for responsible adventure
  • We only operate on those programs/ itineraries which have already been experienced by us. Our website offers only those adventure trips which we have operated in past 14 years of establishment. For virgin peaks/ trek routes, we always prefer support of advance team.
  • We support two colleges of tourism in the Himalayas and strongly work for strengthening tourism education in the mountains.
  • We have a strong support of our clients from UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Israel and Korea. If you belong to any of these countries, we can provide you within country support and recommendation to travel with Adventure India.
  • Our motto Only Adventure! Nothing else speaks a lot about our focused line of business and action.
  • We use the best adventure gears during any of our trips and our objective is to combine adventure with luxury.
  • We have the best adventure escorts and guides who understand the Himalayan region, its culture, religious philosophy and environment like the back of palm.
  • Himalayan People recognize us widely and extend best support in remote villages during climbing expeditions.
  • We offer best Communication & we are open for all 7 days
  • Our offices are open all 7 days a week, where during Sunday, there is one employee in rotation who takes care of email responses, assigning transport and coordinates with the guides on move and hotels.
  • We understand the value of your holidays and price
  • We are able to arrange your last minute adventure- it talks about our networking

We are responsible, cheaper, easier, and faster with customized price & duration adventure programs and last minute reservation system.